Running a Website With Scala and Lift

Develop Web-Applications with Scala and Lift.

Scala is a modern, statically typed language. Its bytecode is Java-VM compatible and the design is influenced by languages like Haskell or Erlang.

Lift is a Web Framework written in Scala. Lift applications follow the View First pattern. The View First pattern defines a complete separation of presentation and logic.

Although with long experience in business, writing my first web application in Scala/Lift wasn’t an easy task. The combination of functional and object-oriented programming paradigms enables a wide range of new possibilities to compose your source code. It may take a while to understand wiki examples or library documentation, but writing your application in Scala has crucial advantages.

  • Less code:
    The elegant Type System and the modern Control Flow Structures reduce your code size dramatically.
  • A manageable toolchain:
    Every new tool in your development environment means a new dependency in your application. Every update can cause trouble. To configure these tools you often implant new plugins in your ide which in turn complicates the build process. Typically you stop updating your development environment at a certain project stage.
    In contrary, you can build your Lift applications with vi. In less than 100 lines of code you can create a complete web application!

The result is a fast and flexible development cycle.

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Scala homepage:
Lift homepage:
Introduction “View First Pattern”:

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