C.O.O.L. The Game



The classical exploration and strategy game recreated in 3D. Up to four players with mouse or gamepad can compete in an exciting match.


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Linux Free Edition

The Linux/Mesa compatible free version can now be downloaded from here.

Verify the checksums:

d2b15d822fd72374c941cd5dcb882195 COOL_1_19.tar.gz
pgp signature COOL_1_19.tar.gz.asc

You can do this by opening a terminal and typing: md5sum COOL_1_18.tgz

Any donations would be appreciated

In-Game Screenshots








(Sunday Jun 1) Version 1.9 (Linux 64 Bit):
Compiled against latest driver. Added kthread library.
(Sunday May 18) Version 1.8 (Linux 64 Bit):
Cleaned up libraries. Download is available here here.
Version 1.7 (Linux 64 Bit):
Better support for xboxdrv. An unsigned download is now available here. MD5 is:7d63dc59425575f7681657d1297c6cb8. Download at your own risk.
Version 1.6 (Linux):
The Linux(32/64bit) version is now available Ubuntu Software-Center. The apt-url link seems to be broken at the moment. Please look for my game in the Software-center.
Version 1.4 Uploaded:
Removed a OpenGL command that could force some onboard graphic-processors to run in software-mode.
Version 1.3 Uploaded:
Shader Updates: The Shader Library (the program library which runs on your GPU) was tested against two additional Chipsets.
Version 1.2 Uploaded:
Graphics Bug fix: Improved Shadow calculation.
Help-file added.

The Controls

The game can be played with a dual joystick, gamepad, mouse or trackpad.
The mouse and the gamepad are thereby identified as the same device and cannot be shared between players. In flight-mode the spaceship is following your mouse cursor. Device gestures are used to change the spaceship height.

Gamepads are recognized without further configuration. The left stick is used for steering and the right stick for the spaceship thrust. The spaceship height can be changed with the X and Y buttons or with the shoulder-buttons. The Pod is released with the A or OK Button.

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