Application: Time Weaver Redux

Time Weaver Redux

The Micro-Time-Management Tool.



The fastest way to manage your daily tasks.

There are so many Project-Management-Tools out there with endless feature-lists, but they all suffer from the same problem:


Most Project-Management-Tools are a burden to use


Instead of usability, they focus on reporting. You are prompted a countless number of parameters, relations, expectations (costs and durations) which interrupts your work.


They interrupt your Workflow


Time Weaver Redux eliminates these costs and is focused on a single idea:


Time Weaver Redux just reminds You of Your Tasks



Time Weaver Redux doesn‘t create a complete project description. You only write a short paragraph to


Add a Reminder for your Task

Click on the + Button, use the Task-Menu or press Shift ⌘ A to add a Task. You can also finish or cancel a task on the fly.




You can create Dependencies

You create a dependency between tasks simply by Drag&Drop. Drop one task on another to create a dependency (You can also remove dependencies by Drag&Drop).



Change Priorities

There are three priorities:

  • As Soon As Possible
  • When Done
  • Sometimes

You can change the priority with the PopUp-Button or by Drag&Drop. If you move the Task downward the priority decreases. If you move the task upwards the priority is increased.



The Idea

Don‘t think to long about prioritization. Remember, this tool is intended to save your time, not to waste it. You can only choose between three priorities but Time Weaver Redux maps the priority to a number.


Review Your Achievements

Do you often think:″I have achieved nothing for today!″.  Perhaps your view is blocked by huge outstanding tasks. Take a look at the things you have already mastered.



Change and export your Task-List

Do you want to separate your tasks? With the Preferences-Dialog you can manage your Task-Lists (⌘ ,). You can also export your tasks to CSV (With the Edit: Export Menu).


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